Ninah Mars began her artistic career at a very young age and her evolution hasn’t stopped since. This is the story of an eclectic and simple artist with unlimited creativity that’s inspired through her surroundings transcending cultures and emotion.

Ninah Mars was born in Caracas, Venezuela a 23 of December. Her italian-venezuelan originas characterizes her in a special way as a girl with a vast cultural formation. Ninah showed a passion for music at a very young age: being a school girl singing in the quire of Emil Friedman school, where she also took piano and violin. It’s precisely at this time that Ninah began composing her first songs. Her artistic career evolves at the same time thanks to the constant study of paint, she wins a painting award in Italy.

At 14, Ninah moves to Switzerland where she continues her studies at The American School in Switzerland at Lugano. Ninah Mars isn’t only a versatile and composer of intense expression, the young artist also dedicates herself to painting and sculpture. At the same time, Ninah progressed in her music abilities and attending art courses in Switzerland with the famed Canadian professor Laurence Koppe. He transmitted her with the theoretical and practical tools that enabled her to express her creativity and talent. During this period, her art pieces are selected and exhibited in 3 different editions of TASIS Spring Art Festival.

After high school, Ninah moves to USA, where she continues her university career and in 2006 she graduates from Show Production & Touring from Full Sail University. In her free time, she composes and records various songs that she later shares on MySpace, the biggest social media at the time, thanks to which she is able to capture the attention of may fans.


In 2007, she returns to Venezuela and decided to dedicate herself completely to music. She forms a rock band called Ninah Mars & The Stickfaces that is capable of getting to the top of music charts and MySpace in Venezuela, thus opening many doors in the national and international musical scene. Through this she captures the attention of media. In November 2008, she releases her first album, “This is How we Pray” that picks up her personal experiences which are reflected through her song lyrics, sweetened with a touch of alternative punk rock. The distinctive element of this album is it’s production: Ninah dedicated herself to this project, working personally in the recording of each song, production and artistic presentation of the album. The booklet is a collage designed to look like a school notebook with handwritten text and typical teenage doodles.

In 2012, she debuts as a soloist with the album ALBOOM! a mixture of adrenaline punk rock with a touch of pop. The irreverence, passion and energy are some of the colors painted in the new album. Her debut single, Niño Tonto becomes part of the soundtrack for an MTV and Nickelodeon TV series.



Her passion for art never stop, she decides to go into sculpture thanks to the guidance of the artist Blanca Lemoine, after her disappearance, she studies under Dora Gabay, a recognized Venezuelan sculpture artist. Another important person that influences Ninah is Paul Parrella, a young successful painter from Venezuela.

In 2013 she moves to Italy to continue her career as an artist, participating in various collective exhibitions in Europe. At the same time, she studies Event Management in the IED (European Institute of Design) in Rome.